Tuesday, 9 September 2014

All things considered, I clearly talked excessively soon

All things considered, I clearly talked excessively soon. Notwithstanding a describe war or a fanatic fight over Joe Lieberman's loyalties (and his readiness to captivate such a whine), it would seem that the Dems will convey the Senate too. The rope has immovably been planted around Bush's neck. 

Things that stood out amid the vote watch the previous evening: 

1) Santorum's hollering kids amid his concession discourse: they were placed in an alternate light when a TV observer helped us to remember all the yelling youngsters whose daddy's lost their lives. All of a sudden, sensitivity for those whose daddies lost their occupations flew out the window. It says something when Chris Matthews tosses his rose-tinted glasses alongside the GOP amazingness that he had beforehand held with such high respect. 

2) MSNBC ought to be renamed Memoirs of Joe Scarborough. In the event that I hear that 2x4 contrast everything without exception with his decade in Congress once more, I'm going to spread regurgitation everywhere on those inside close vicinity. For the purpose of my friends and family, NBC ought to can that useless hack. 

Something to keep us stressed: 

Notwithstanding Lieberman's loyalties, when he concurs with Bush from here on out, he's formally punting the ball in Cheney's lap - making ole Double-Barreled Friend-Shooter the 101st Senator. Without hybrid GOP votes, this will hamper the Senate's capacity to pass dynamic measures. 

The Democratic Party of Texas formally now has consent to run name-brand legislators. At the point when the GOP hopeful for representative wins with 39% of the vote, it implies one thing: why the hellfire did you not run top notch lawmakers? There were underdog government officials around the nation making triumph addresses on the brisk the previous evening because of winning "no-chance" races! There is no reason for the competitor program of the Dems in the Lone Star State. The whole administration of the Democratic Party in the state of Texas ought to be traded for stupendous uncouthness (clue to Deaniacs: take it over). 

What It All Means 

All things considered, to me in any event. 

It wasn't the torrent they were calling it on MSNBC throughout the night, yet it was a moderate-to-solid triumph for the Democrats. It could have been powerless (by basically matching the earlier GOP numerical lion's share or more terrible), and it could have been a victory as some anticipated (40-60 seat pickup). It was some place in the middle of - particularly with their failure* to win a dominant part in the Senate. 

What it implies: 

1) the President's motivation will be quieted and won't pass without trading off with the Democrats in the House, 

2) the motivation of a Democratic-headed House will be a moderate, widely appealing one. 

What it doesn't mean: 

1) There will be no reprimand of George Walker Bush. 

2) There will be no Gingrich-style endeavor to legislate around the President. 

3) There will be no equivalent and inverse reel to the left by congressional Democrats with their motivation. 

1) George Allen won't be a hopeful for President. 

2) Rick Santorum won't be a hopeful for President. 

3) John Mccain won't essentially have the capacity to utilize a ultra-liberal Congress to run against for a fruitful fight for President — he'll need to run against George Bush's record . . . once more (and we all expertise well he did the first run through). 

4) Clinton or Obama won't have the humiliating record of a Gingrich-style Democratic congressional exceed keeping their potential '08 Presidential achievement. 

The ABSOLUTE most exceedingly terrible thing it means is: 

A Bush compelled to represent from the focal point might really encounter a build in approbation appraisals — forestalling either Democratic or Republican hopefuls for President to successfully run against his record in '08 (contingent upon how reliable the amnesia is among "free" voters). 

Who said Reagan was the tephlon president! 

*as of 11:30pm Tuesday night. Hey, I gotta work in the morning! LOL! 

Gettin' Kinky Wid It 

Today, Queertexan.com was recorded as an endorser of Kinky Friedman on the website, Getkinky.com. With the end goal of full exposure to the individuals who are basically after the connection . . . this Queer Texan has altered his opinion. 

At the point when Kinky started his exploit a year back, I was amped up for a hopeful that guaranteed to shake Austin up — even before that movement transformed into another person's fight trademark. I stayed energized as the Democrats assigned somebody to run against Perry that had the same broad name distinguishment as the director of my nearby school board. 

Things changed. Previous Congressman Chris Bell got a little road cred, and much more critical that, he discovered somebody to store his crusade. At that point, most vital to me specifically (being one-a large portion of a between racial gay couple), Kinky couldn't scrape himself out of the huge amounts of cow butt nuggets his past satire acts have dumped on his force. Insight to future gubernatorial chosen people: if the "n" word is a typical piece of your parody schedule, chances are you won't have a political profession later, regardless of the fact that you need one. 

A year ago, when the name of this web journal was entitled, "The Blue Report" (on blogger), I did embrace Kinky Friedman. For those that have been perusing my website for some time, you'll know I now completely help Chris Bell. He may not be JFK, yet he's the closest competitor in the surveys to Rick Perry, and for all Texans that need old Pretty Hair out of office, then he's the stand out that has a shot at winning. 

On the other hand, you can vote in favor of Granny or the cowhand who never grew up and imagine that you're doing something shrewd. It's actual that we need better competitors, yet these individuals ain't